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Night Hunt (3) (Dragon Kingdom of Wrenly) by Jordan Quinn, Glass House Graphics

Night Hunt (3) (Dragon Kingdom of Wrenly) by Jordan Quinn, Glass House Graphics

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In the third installment of the exciting Dragon Kingdom of Wrenly graphic novel series, Ruskin and his friends compete in the legendary Night Hunt.

Ruskin is excited to visit Crestwood to witness a very special event, the Night Hunt, and to root for his new best friends Cinder and Groth as they compete in the exciting contest. But then Ruskin is chosen to compete, too, even though, according to the rules, he shouldn’t be allowed since he doesn’t live in Crestwood. Cinder thinks Ruskin had something to do with this special treatment and that, as the legendary scarlet dragon, Ruskin cares more about glory than he should. But is that really who Ruskin is?

It’s game on as these friends compete against each other for the ultimate prize. What they don’t realize is that nothing about this Night Hunt will follow the rules, and once again, the fate of Wrenly is at stake. Can they put aside their differences and work together before it’s too late?

Author(s): Jordan Quinn and Glass House Graphics
Publication year: 2021
Publication date: 2021-05-04
Pages: 144
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Publisher: Little Simon
ISBN: 9781534478633
Dimensions: 6.0 x 0.5 x 9.0 in
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