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Summer Is Here by Renée Watson, Bea Jackson

Summer Is Here by Renée Watson, Bea Jackson

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New York Times bestselling creators Renée Watson and Bea Jackson offer a picture book ode to a picture-perfect summer day, from sunrise to sunset.

Summer is here!
No dark clouds in the sky,
it's a perfect day for play.
What joy will summer bring me today?

Summer is finally here, and she's bringing the most perfect day! From sunup to sundown, there's so much to do on this lovely summer day. With summer comes fresh fruit, sweet and tangy, jump ropes for leaping and dancing, and friends at the pool swimming and floating. Summer brings family cookouts under shady trees, gardens overflowing, and the familiar song of the ice-cream truck. This beautiful ode to all the season's sensations follows one girl's perfect day in an exploration of joy, family, friendship, sunshine, and wonder.

Her stars shimmer like spilled glitter across the sky.
I whisper a wish and say goodbye to the day.
I wish summer would stay.

Renée Watson celebrates iconic childhood joys in this love letter to summer featuring bright, sun-drenched art from Bea Jackson.

Author(s): Renée Watson and Bea Jackson
Publication year: 2024
Publication date: 2024-05-07
Pages: 40
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's Books
ISBN: 9781547605866
Dimensions: 10.05 x 0.35 x 11.0 in
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