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We sell quality bilingual books for children in English and Spanish.
Se vende libros bilingües de alta calidad en español e inglés para los niños.

Linda Letra Bilingual Books is an educator-owned retail bilingual bookseller. We sell high-quality texts that encourage, honor, and support diversity, inclusion and language development. Purchase books online or at community events in the Portland, Oregon Metro Area.

Linda Letra es una empresa se vende libros bilingües, propiedad de una docente. Linda Letra ofrece textos bilingües de alta calidad que fomentan, honran y apoyan la diversidad, el inclusión y el bilingüismo. Compre por internet y a los eventos al rededor de la zona urbana de Portland, Oregon.

About our books:

  • Bilingual or Spanish by design
  • Diversity of racial and cultural viewpoints
  • Beautiful illustrations and design elements
  • Windows and mirrors into language, culture and experience
  • Mostly written, illustrated or published by Latino/a authors and illustrators, Independent authors included.

Linda Letra loves working with schools and programs. Books available on the website are just the beginning. Purchasing multiple classrooms or buildings? Want a special subscription service for your clients, families or classrooms? Need a specific type of book? With access to an extensive publishing network, let's put together a personalized quote to meet your budget and needs.

Linda Letra's founder, Rachel Kimbrow, can help you build an inclusive collection with a passion for equity through literacy and twenty years experience in elementary schools as teacher, literacy consultant, instructional specialist and author in both the US and in Latin America. 

Professional development topics may include:

  • Current trends in bilingual and diverse children's literature
  • Tools to edit current collections
  • Books suggestions to support a robust literacy program tailored to your school community 

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