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Exchange to Engage - The Guide to Engaging Diverse Communities Through Language Exchange

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Exchange to Engage will inspire and teach how to organize weekly language exchanges at your school or community group. Practice Spanish and English in a fun, safe and positive atmosphere. With the guide, you can promote bilingualism, increase family involvement, and improve communication within your community. The book tells the story of the first school-based language exchange and positive results. Relationships, language skills, and opportunities for partnership are built in this simple yet powerful model to engage diverse communities. As language skills increase, so does trust between parents, educators and community members. This book is written for educators, such as school administrators, teachers or bilingual program leaders who are looking to fulfill parent or family engagement requirements with a creative and effective solution. Other organizations, such as churches or social groups could also benefit from this guide as a way to celebrate and embrace linguistic diversity. Paperback by Rachel Kimbrow