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Folktales - Los cuentos populares

Folktales - Los cuentos populares

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Folktales and myths - Los cuentos populares y los mitos
Grades 2-4, ages 7-10
A bilingual compilation of 8 (eight) stories including: 

Huehuetlatolli (bilingual)- Three creation myths told in Spanish, English, with Nahuatl, Mayan, and Wixitari. Includes CD with indiginous music. 
La Piedra de la Chinchintora (bilingual) de El Salvador by Manlio Argueta
El huerto de los viejitos (Spanish)- A lomo de cuento de Puerto Rico
El Coquena (Spanish) - A lomo de cuento por Argentina
And more!

A mix of hard and soft cover books. Substitutions will be made depending on publisher availability.

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